The First Step…

If you had asked me 20 years ago or even 10 years ago what I thought I would be doing in life the answer would not have been home staging or interior design. Fear kept me from seeing it was something I loved. Something I found joy in. Something I was passionate about.

I began working retail in my late teens and enjoyed an extensive career spanning almost 20 years in the industry. In my years in the field I learned everything from customer service to accounting to Human Resources to managing people and, of course, visual merchandising. It was in visuals I felt most at home and found a creative outlet. I loved creating unique and eye catching displays and ran the gamut of emotions from pride to angst when customers would shop my “art” and ruin the look. I would quickly run off to find something new to replace what was just purchased.

It wasn’t until a few years later that I uncovered my joy of staging and received just the push I needed. On a holiday visit to my family out in Oregon I set about to surprise my extremely busy and beautiful little sister and her husband. Under the guise of letting them have a night to themselves, myself and my wonderful helpers consisting of her three children, a cousin and my two girls, set about transforming their home as a surprise for their return. Her reaction to the stage and her words telling me I should do staging for a living began to open a long loved passion… creating beautiful spaces people want to live in.

A year later I began researching what was needed and found the New York Institute of Art + Design. My dream began to become reality. I loved the courses. I ate up color theory and furniture periods. I loved the challenge that each unit project presented. I felt pride at each unit completed and joy at finishing the staging course. My education is not finished. I have the Interior Design course and Autocad to complete. Home Staging is the first step in seeing a dream become reality.

During the course kip & idle was born. I was told the name would be the hardest part of starting a company, and that was true. Months and months, name after name, I dissected and discarded until I began thinking about what I wanted the name to convey, what I wanted my designs to convey. I wanted people to relax in their spaces, to feel at home, to feel so comfortable as to nap and laze about. So I did what any person would do… I Googled words for rest, relax, etc. Thus was born “kip” (Irish term for a quick sleep) and “idle” (another term for relax). The name stuck. I needed it to further stand out, to be simple in it’s design, thus the all lowercase letters.

This brings my first blog to a close. Sorry so long winded! Hopefully the future ones won’t be so verbose… I make no promises!

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