The Wait Is the Hardest Part

Is it just me or does winter seem to d r a g? Don’t get me wrong, it’s one of my favorite seasons. I love the cold and the snow but I am ready for warmth of spring! It could also have something to do with the us buying a house (finally). Also, there is so much happening with kip & idle becoming its own and my own personal growth in going back to school for interior design and home staging. I passed a huge milestone (for me) today. A week ago I completed NYIAD’s course on Home Staging- amazing program that I highly recommend- and today I took the Certified Home Staging Professionals exam and PASSED! I am officially a certified professional. Now this may not sound like a huge deal but for me it is. I had high aspirations growing up. Think Oval Office. I am ever so grateful that never happened. But higher education didn’t happen either. I jumped into the work force and never looked back. Until my oldest started college. I felt inadequate and hypocritical telling her and my youngest that they were going to college and needed to while I had not. This was a luxury I didn’t have growing up. Also, I realized that, though I loved what I was doing in finance, it wasn’t what I was passionate about. Cue me staging my little sister’s home and the passion began to bloom.

So back to the waiting… it is the hardest for me. Patience has never been a strong suit. In this instance I have little choice but to stay the course and take it one day at a time. I have been plotting our new home for the past few weeks. We are doing a huge remodel and this will be the first true test of my abilities. I guess better to get all the bumps out on my own place! I am so excited to see the design and layout in my head come to life. It’s all well and good to draft plans and scour sites to the farthest reaches of the internet, ok mostly Home Depot and Pinterest, but to see it come to life… I’m like a kid around Christmastime counting down the days! April can’t come fast enough!

As for school? One NYIAD course down, one to go. And because I believe you should never stop learning and I want to be the best I can, I was accepted into the Rhode Island School of Design- Continuing Education program! This will be a fun and intensive 3 year certificate program. I start March 1st and cannot wait!!

That’s enough out of me for now. Stay tuned till next time! This blog is developing for me and I am working up some interesting and fun topics for design and staging!

Till then 🙂

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