Just a small change…

It’s funny where you think you are headed in life and where you actually end up. When I began this journey my idea was firmly rooted in interior design and home staging. I love creating spaces that are beautiful and reflective of those that live in them. I still love doing it. But life had other plans…

It started with a simple conversation with a friend who asked what I do for a living. I am blessed to be able to be a stay-at-home mom for the most part and work for a small flooring company in Baltimore where most of my work is from home. So I end up with a lot of free time which led to the question. As I was explaining this the sentence “what I would really like to do is open my own store and refurbish furniture and sell home decor” came out. And that was all it took. My friend made a suggestion for a realtor to call to look into spaces downtown. I put it off for a few days and then something said “Just make the call now or you will regret not doing it at all”. Everything moved so seamlessly after that and before I knew it I was signing a lease and taking over a space right on Carlisle Street! The journey began.

The act of making the space mine was a labor of love for sure. Seeing my dream come into reality was something I honestly never thought I would experience. Too afraid to take the risk and the next step always kept me from doing quite a few things. This was a risk for sure. As things started being put into place- painting, new floors (courtesy of my wonderful company in Baltimore), fixtures and then wonderful decor and furniture- my vision has come alive.

Hearing people pass by exclaiming “I want to go in there!” never gets old. Kip & Idle brings something that downtown Gettysburg doesn’t have and truly needs. Together, with my youngest daughter, we will be in the store working to provide the best service & unique home goods to locals and tourists alike. I can’t wait to open the doors and see what everyone thinks!

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