Introducing… h/b for Kip & Idle!

h/b is owned by the insanely talented Megan & seeks to create ‘wax melts for the modern introvert’.

Based in Pennsylvania, h/b is owned and operated by Megan with some help from her dad & her 10-year-old black lab, Dylan! Created using a para-soy wax blend (48% paraffin/ 52% soy), the scents are created using natural oils and Megan’s keen nose for scent. The end result is a luxurious and rich scent that fills your home. She has created four custom scents just for Kip & Idle and available only in store. However, h/b is also available online with a myriad of other scents! Be sure to check out her website at To say I am excited and honored that Megan chose Kip & Idle Home to partner with is an understatement. She truly has created four beautiful and unique scents for all of you! Available now!

Without further ado… meet Megan!!

leather. patchouli. bourbon.
cotton. daisies. powder.
honey. sandalwood. rose petals.
orange. coffee. musk.
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